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Botanical Pottery Workshop Saturday 22nd April - Poole, Dorset

Botanical Pottery Workshop Saturday 22nd April - Poole, Dorset


Come and play with flowers and clay on Earth Day!

We are SO excited to be hosting the wonderful Tania Ware Ceramic Artist for the first of a very beautiful series of pottery workshops we have coming up this spring and summer.

Most of us start our day with a cup of tea or coffee and some of us love to get into bed with a hot chocolate or warming cacao. Either way, our mug is how we spend some of the most important minutes of our day. We greet each morning or wind down each evening with the sense of warmth and comfort in our hands. Our favourite hot drink just tastes better when we drink from our own mug. Slowly from being a part of our everyday routine, our favourite mugs grow to be a part of us.

These often overlooked, yet important vessels also can be a bridge to our connection between family, friends and memories and so what better to way to spend this years Earth Day creating your very own Vessel of Love for yourself or your favourite human...

For this 2 hour workshop you will be creating a very special and meaningful mug/cup and saucer - be it for the purpose of your favourite herbal tea, your morning coffee ritual or even ceremonial cacao.

This is a hand-built pottery workshop working with various flowers and botanicals (of which you are welcome and encouraged to bring your own that have meaning for you) to inprint into your creations with the option to carve or stamp your favourite inspirational mantra into the clay to be your daily vibe booster.

You will also have a choice of glazes and colours to work with and once complete, you will leave your mug with Tania who will take them to her studio to fire and finish and they will be ready for collection 4 weeks later. Or we can arrange postage to you or your recipient for £5 payable on the day.

If you wish to deepen your connection with the Earth and your mug further, you will be welcome to join us and your group when you collect your mug for a sacred cacao ceremony which we will be holding on Friday 19th May at 6pm.

We so look forward to hosting you!

Lisa & Tania


Tania, who is originally from and studied in Bath has been a ceramicist for over 20 years and teaching for the past 10 and is an advocate for working with clay and the natural world for welbeing and connecting in with our true essence.

For any questions or queries relating to this workshop or to book, email Lisa [email protected]


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