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Star Children Private Tutoring

Star Children Private Tutoring

Per Hour

One to one sessions in the purest, golden, and rainbow Light-Filled Space for your child to open up, connect and talk with an elder Star Child just like them and one who has been on this planet for 43 earth years and one who knows very well what it is and feels like to be a child or young person who is vibrating at a very different level to that of the world around us, along with the challenges that this can bring.

Each session is completely led by your child and you will surely be amazed by the sheer wonder and magnificence of what will unfold; both for them, for you, your family, and the world at large.

I am a guide here, incarnated in 1979 to assist our "children" (descended Masters), to bring about new ways, systems, and organic technologies that are quite literally birthing in our New Earth NOW. You know this, dear parent and I am here to support both your child/ren and you.

Conkers Children was set up by Magdalene Rose Priestesses, Lisa Kavanaugh & Petra Dutton, answering a loud call from our children for change in the way education has been run and so to create a loving, nurturing, Light-filled space for them to show us the way now as it is time…

We began in July 2021 and our children’s ages range from 8-16. We have also had a few children as young as 6, but we have found that a one hour Zoom can be a little too much for them. This is all for and about our children and their needs and the development and nurturing of their passions and wisdom.

This is not your standard tutoring, it is completely child-led and so they get to explore in greater detail topics that inspire them and we all learn so very much from each other.

At the heart of what we are doing is to encourage the children to bring in what they want to talk about rather than us structuring it for them.

We always talk about a topic and then allow the sessions to take their course.

We try to do a short meditation as well to complete each session, although some weeks this does not take place as we allow for flow and it all depends on the collective of the children and how best to serve them in the moment.

Some sessions the children have requested to give a short presentation on something they are passionate about which has been absolutely wonderful! One week we had Sophia, 16 speaking on Greek Gods and Goddesses, another we had Lois, 11 speaking on a search engine called Ecosia which plants trees when people use this over some of the more well known ones. We had Xia, 8 who offered a beautiful sharing on wolves and Pierre, 11 sharing his wisdom on plant intelligence and his phenomenal gift of what some call 'x-ray vision'. Basically anything the children want to share - we welcome with open hearts. They inspire us and each other greatly!

Topics we cover, such as energy, light, judgment, preference, ego.... we dip in and out of to bring awareness, of which our children really do carry so much. 

We try to explain the spiritual through the every day life so they don’t feel like there are in two separate worlds, because in the higher truth, we of course know that there is only One.

We are teaching Unity not separation.

Your children are very welcome to try a session to see how it feels for them and they can stay for as long or as little as they like.

At the moment we run every Wednesday at 5:30pm in the UK and 9am/6pm Sydney, Australia time, and we do envision this increasing to other days and times as we grow in numbers and other timezones soon.

We also have a WhatsApp group specifically for the children where they can ask any questions during the week and interact with each other. We are both part of the group encouraging and gently guiding them.

The purpose for these sessions also is for parents to come together, meet other parents of these extraordinary children and also receive updates on our future sessions, teachings and progress and also to receive support. We will be bringing some teachings here too and be offering Zoom gatherings for parents as we have received many requests for this now and so another call will shortly be answered.

We do hope you will join us and please do reach out if you have questions and or would like to have a brief discussion with one of our founding students.

Lisa & Petra
(Conkers Children New Earth Community)

[email protected]


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