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First Light of Iona

First Light of Iona

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'First Light of Iona' Natural Botanical Candle

Hand-poured into apothecary jars in our studio in the Heart of Scotland.

Inspired from my journey to the magical, Holy isle of Iona in 2019, this spa-like fragrance is enchantingly light and invigorating, opening with fresh, ozonic tones blended with crisp green leaf and fresh cantaloupe. Scottish bluebell middle note with base notes of cucumber, Scots Pine and fern.

Plant Medicine:

'Of all species alive on this planet today, we know of only one who has preserved their sacred DNA throughout the countless cataclysms that have impacted the evolution of life on Earth.  This species is the fern. Ferns are extent species that exist in evolutionary stasis, meaning they have remained unchanged, even at the level on nuclei and chromosome, for at least 180 million years.  Fossils of the oldest known preserved ferns, dating back to the Mesozoic era, show that the compound and structure of those ferns are precisely exact to the modern fern growing in your backyard.  Over the course of the last 180 million years our planet has encountered a vast array of cataclysms for which virtually all other species have had to re-structure their DNA in order to adapt.  Some species, like the Dinosaurs, simply vanished altogether.  Even stone and crystal elements have gone through magmatic and metamorphic changes of their compounds in order to accommodate the changing conditions.  Not ferns.  Here, we need to questions why the species did not need to adapt to such massive planetary changes such as continental shifts, ice ages, floods, and fire.  According to the ancient Hawaiians, the Fern has a preserved biosphere, which encompasses the surrounding area of the plant, extending less than an inch from its body.  This biosphere is unlike anything on this planet, and cannot be explained by any scientific or biological terminology.  It can roughly be described as a totally separate world from our reality where its atmosphere is alien.  It was believed the spores was the main contributor to this force field, feeding and sustaining its metaphysical state.  Because of this, fern spores are the most ancient, pure, and unfiltered structure on this planet and who carries the uncontaminated codes of the primordial, the source of all intelligence, and Source (God) itself.'

Fern assists in balancing our needs with our loved ones and community, and promotes networking and collaborating with living things near and far.  Ferns remind us to see ourselves in others, and to celebrate our connectedness with joy, movement, and laughter.  Ferns demonstrate the dance of the sacred spiral at the sight of their fiddleheads.  Fern spirit assists those who tend to cycle between hiding away and over-socializing, experience social anxiety, or are looking to find their place in community and balance within


“What I give to myself is a gift to others.  What I give to others is a gift to myself”~ sacred transmissions from Fern.

If you feel called to dive deeper with the medicine and wisdom of this phenominal plant being, we highly recommend our brother in Hawaii, Ke'oni Hanalei's brilliant site, Pōhala

Sizes and burn time:

Small 120g. Burn time: up to 25 hours

Medium: 180g. Burn time 35-40 hours

For an even burn pool, allow the candle to burn for 2-3 hours at a time.  After use, your amber glass jar can be re-used. If you look after your candle then you will notice the difference…a little love goes a long way.

Ingredients: Our blend is vegan friendly using rapeseed and coconut wax, infused with high quality fragrance oils and cotton wicks.

This candle will burn clean down the edges, with no wax or fragrance to spare. Providing you with at least 20 hours of room filling aromas.

All our products are vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate & paraben free - always!

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