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Magic Potion Making Workshop for children age 3 to 300

Magic Potion Making Workshop for children age 3 to 300


'Salagadoola mechicka boola


Put them together and what have you got?


Salagadoola mechicka boola


It'll do magic, believe it or not


Join Lisa, Principle Potion Maker at Rock & Rose Rituals for her Master class in magic, where she will be sharing all she learned during her time living with and amongst the Faeries on the magical Isle of Skye in Scotland.

We are now situated right in the Heart of Upton Country Park and classes at the moment are every Saturday at 12pm and 3pm, but you must BOOK as spaces are only limited to 8 per session. with much more to come for families who Home Educate. 

You and your children will have access to many of the very special items gifted to Lisa from the dragons, faeries, gnomes, elven, the tree, air and water nymphs, unicorns and of course the magical merpeople to create your very own magic potions for you and your cubs to take home. 

You will not only leave with your own unique potion in a very special potion bottle, but also a spell card which you write either with your children, or they will write for you... 

Successful graduates will leave with our most prestigious Potion Master certification. 

However, you must know that this is not handed out 'willy nilly' (you humans have the strangest expressions) 

This Honour is only granted to those very special few who have never forgotten us. 

There will be rhymes, spells, stories and most importantly of all... expect the unexpected!

We so look forward to seeing you all again!

Lisa & Friends


All products are completely natural, biodegradable and plant based.

Lisa's background prior to Rock & Rose Rituals was that of a nurse at Great Ormond Street children's hospital, followed by 7 years running her catering company, Squid & Pear feeding Hobbits, Gandalf and 'The Queen' on set for Warner Bros and Netflix and our lovely Jamie Oliver, whom her company frequently catered for on his 'Jamie at Home' shows. Later, after leaving all that behind to seek a more simple life, she spent 4 years living in her van, Frida in the forest to rewild where gradually she re-discovered and remembered her true Essence again. 

Van Life is a very simplistic, minimal way to live, but you need money if you wish to still eat in lovely restaurants as Lisa does and most of all... splurge every once in a while to stay in a lovely hotel with a bath!

So she picked up seasonal work on campsites. In the New Forest, Wales and latterly Scotland. It was this rewilding and remembering that led Lisa to this path now of Conkers Earth School as with each campsite she worked, children would follow her around everywhere she went and she found this so very curious at that time...why were children following her around everywhere she went? Frequency. Lisa hasn't yet had children of her own and so has kept the promise her 8 year old Self made: never grow up. 

So long story short, the last two campsites she worked on, cleaning toilets by day, was promoted to children's entertainer by afternoon. The rest... as some say... is Herstory. 

For any questions or queries ahead of your visit, email Lisa & the Fae directly: [email protected]

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