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Van Life Consulting

Van Life Consulting

60 minutes

It is time...

Been dreaming of walking away from Groundhog Day and experiencing the true freedom of life on the road?

This was my dream after I decided to leave London life (or rather my soul decided for me) as I longed for Great Adventure again as after years on the hamster wheel, chasing evermore "success" in my career and personal life and seemingly having it all, I felt quite empty inside and as though I had "had my wings clipped". 

Those born with a free spirit will simply never truly be happy and feel fulfilled living a life on other - or indeed societal terms - and we must and WE CAN live life on our own terms and have liberty to change these terms anytime we feel to. As we are witnessing so many courageous souls now doing this with the explosion of the van life, tiny house and off-grid movement and now the return of 'The Village' with all the communities we now have forming around the world.

In 2018 and after wrapping up my catering business and my disastrous marriage, I took a train to Edinburgh where I met the love of my life: Frida; my VW campervan. 

4 years we were on the road together, full time, travelling. LIVING.

Solo Woman. 

There is very little that you may have imagined, that I have not experienced during these crazy, magical years on the road with Frida. I have slept in the deepest forests in Scotland in the winter with no heating; watched in awe the moon rise over the indigo seas at Stonehaven and more sunrises than I can count camped beside lochs and beaches; lived 3 months at the foot of the Cuillin mountain range on the mystical Isle of Skye and shared perfect moments living in the New Forest with the wild horses who roam free, as I did there. Then there's the people... It is the people we meet on the road which truly make this a must have experience of a lifetime. All ages, all walks of life who will share stories with you that will simultaneously make your eyes water and your heart boom. One's we simply would not have met had we remained in the 9-5 drudgery. 

There are too many stories to mention here and perhaps they may make it into a book one day. I have made many mistakes and learned greatly from each one and I have grown exponentially and am an infinitely better human from this extraordinary experience.

When you live on the road, unexpected things happen. You may find yourself in a LOT of uncomfortable situations, and you’ll need to get used to being outside your comfort zone. There will be layers of discomfort that you’ll have to work through internally, especially when you first start living in a van.

A lot of this discomfort comes from the inherent uncertainty of nomadic living. You may find yourself in a completely new area, with a different climate and different challenges than what you’re used to. You may have to deal with a breakdown or another issue when you don’t know anyone nearby who can help. You may have to work through a lot of frustration and fear.

But if you stay flexible and keep an open mind, you’ll grow used to not knowing what’s around the corner. This feeling of uncertainty becomes a big part of the van life adventure, and you’ll feel like you’re truly exploring life every single day. You’ll wave goodbye to your comfort zone in the rearview mirror, and this will set you up for deep personal growth. 

I’m so glad you made it here. I am often asked about some aspect of van life from others considering this path for a time. Whether it’s how I stay clean, where I poop, how I find the best and safest places to park up for a night or longer, how I make money on the road... So I decided to offer this as a service to help you on your path to freedom.

You can ask me anything you like and below I have compiled a list of some areas we can cover during our call:

  • What are the challenges of van life?
  • What are the pros/cons?
  • How to live in a van efficiently and tips and tricks that I picked up which helped make my life comfortable living in such a tiny space
  • Best places to park and lists of my favourite beauty spots
  • How to locate bathrooms, showers and laundry facilities
  • How much does van life cost?
  • How to make money on the road?
  • How to organise getting your mail on the road
  • Best bits of kit to have on board

These are here as a guide, but you can ask me anything you like and I have many contacts that I have gathered for you to meet others just like you and find work if needed.

Drop me a message below and I look forward to sharing and opening many doors for you, kindred One! 

Lisa Marie 

If you are already for the next step and ready to take the leap, please check out my sister company, Rocket & Rose Campers which I run with my beloved, Dan. 

*Please note: This session is exclusively for van life and does not include any transformational Life Coaching or Energy Healing. If this is what you seek, please see my other offerings on this.

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